Friday, August 16, 2013

There are beauty boxes and I've subscribed to one

Guys, yesterday I was all stressed out at work so I decided to get a beauty box subscription! I didn't know about beauty boxes but now I do. Beauty boxes are a thing that people get in the mail and then they write blog posts or make vlogs about them. I don't know if people actually use the word 'vlog'.

You pay some money, and then you get a box of surprise beauty products every month! The beauty box I'm signed up for is $25. There are cheaper ones, but those only give you sample-sized things. This one gives you large things!

I decided to sign up for this beauty box - even though I don't wear makeup and probably won't use anything and don't in any way suffer from a dearth of various personal care items in my bathroom - because I was feeling sorry for myself and also because I'm worried about the wrinkles around my eyes. I figure that I'll forget about these beauty boxes, and when they come every month it will be a special surprise, an unexpected Christmas!

I will be like one of those ladies on the internet and I will post reviews of my beauty boxes. Or I won't, probably, but I could.

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