Friday, October 4, 2013

lady highlights

One of the items in the October Blush Mystery Beauty Box will be a highlighter pencil in ivory lace! I'd never heard of a "highlighter pencil" before! I thought highlights were for hair, but no! It turns out you can highlight shit on your face. Like, you can put this stuff around your eyes and your nose and your eyebrows and your mouth and it will change you from an awful ugg-face into a lovely painted lady. I'm guessing that the potential for disaster here is very high.

I ordered a full-sized thing of that Coola moisturizer from Blush and I also got, for free, blue liquid eyeshadow! And Dremu Oil! Dremu Oil is emu oil mixed in with dreams, and it's very expensive. I got a large bottle of emu oil from the farm where I worked in Australia - I think she had me pay her $20AUD for it. (Is the D redundant when you have a $?) These Dremu people want $50US(D?) for half an ounce. They say it gets rid of age spots, stretch marks, acne, wrinkles, burns, bug bites, etc. etc. etc. It will regrow the hair on your head and make the hair on your upper lip go away, and it will help you sleep better and lose weight, and it will shave at least 20 minutes off your marathon time and 2 hours off your 50-mile time. Also if you use it long enough you'll be able to hover for 1 to 2 minutes per day, although you should wear protective gear if you're trying to go up stairs or anything like that because your hover abilities may fail without warning.

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