Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mid-month lull

It's the 21st of the month. These are dark days. No beauty box is on the horizon. I usually get my Blush Mystery Beauty Box around the 10th, which means I just got one, which means I have a few weeks until the next one. Which means it's time to sign up for another box!

So... now I'm signed up for the Julep Maven subscription box. It comes with fingernail polish! A few months ago I never would have signed up for a fingernail polish subscription box. But I have to wear colored fingernail polish for medical purposes now, and since I've been wearing the fancy nail lacquer I got from the Blush box I can't possibly go back to the cheap stuff. The pictures on the Julep website look mighty, mighty fancy. It's okay though! I'll unsubscribe after one or three months, depending on the level of awesome that arrives. When will it get here! I'm dying.

I can't really tell what's going on with Julep. You answer questions (such as "Which of these shoes would you wear for an evening out?" and my answer is none of them, I don't wear heels, you can't run in heels) (you never know when you might need to run, it could happen on an evening out), they assign you a profile, and you get certain items based on your profile, but you can change which box you get even if it's not the one you're supposed to get, and then you can add add-ons, and so basically I don't have any idea what I'll be getting. Also, Jules. It's so complex. I like that Blush just sends you whatever the crap they decide to send you. No customization at all! So simple.

If you are a fine lady who is subscribed to unnecessary beauty boxes and who has too much bathroom stuff, a strategy you might want to consider is to call your landlords and tell them the knob in your bathtub is leaking. A few days later you will come home to a new shower and a new wall in your bathroom, and a fine coating of construction dust on everything. You will then have to go through every single thing in your bathroom and dust it off. And you will find that a lot of the bathroom items you've had for years are super crappy compared to the fancy new items you've been receiving in your Blush Mystery Beauty Box and why do you even still have this crap, and you will get rid of a lot of stuff. You're welcome!

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