Monday, February 10, 2014

Beauty Box Problems

  1. Blush never sent me an email with the video about the Blush Mystery Beauty Box featured product this month! I had to go sleuthing around the internet myself to find out about it!
  2. It's February 10th. I usually get my box around the 10th, but so far this month I haven't even gotten an email saying my box has shipped! And Miranda got her shipping notification last week! According to my usps tracking code (which I had to retrieve myself by logging into my Blush account) only electronic shipping info has been provided. My box isn't even on its way yet! What the fuck, Blush? I'm your biggest fan! What's with this treatment? Blush! I love you so much! How could you treat me like this!
  3. I cannot resist so I've gone around the internet to find out what other people have gotten in their February Blush Mystery Beauty Box. It looks amazing! Such fancy products! I can't wait! When will my box even get here. If it ever even gets here. :(
  4. Blush sent out a survey! (I did get that email.) They want to know if we want more skin care, hair care, or makeup. They want to know if we want to create "beauty profiles" so our boxes can be personalized. They want to know if we want to know all the products in the box beforehand. I'm worried because I think they've been reading all the online whining. People whine about everything, and here's why: because they're subscribed to too many boxes. Someone on the internet said she was behind in writing reviews for 27 boxes. 27. That's way too many! No wonder she hates everything.
  5. It has been brought to my attention that "Blush Box" and "Blush Mystery Beauty Box" are two different things. You may google this yourself. Because a fine lady does not talk about all the sex boxes she is subscribed to, you will have to decide for yourself which box I have been referring to in previous posts.
  6. Yeah, no new Julep box until the end of this month. I thought I'd have these things coming out of my ears. Instead I sit here alone and empty. I guess I'll go paint my fingernails gold now. :(


  1. That's where I was able to track my package at since the link didn't work on the website.

    1. My package is in Kansas right now. :( On a happier note my IPSY Glam Bag is on the way. The February bag is called the LOOK of LOVE.

  2. How do you know all of this? You're a beauty box expert!

  3. Right after I posted this I found out that other people on the internet were having the same problems. Someone called Blush and found out that they'd had problems with their notification system but everything actually shipped on time, on Feb. 3.