Monday, February 24, 2014


The Julep March Maven Reveal ends today! I just changed my box again! I decided I'm not a Modern Beauty. I switched to the Core Classics Box, which includes a cleanup tool, top coat, and oxygen nail treatment. The cleanup tool is this little thing that's supposed to clean under nails and fix polish mistakes. It's kind of like a jackknife but fancier, and for ladies. Hooray! I'm still adding on the cloudy clear polish and the light periwinkle polish. I'm not getting the lippy stuff. This is a fingernail subscription, who cares about lips right now, am I right? Right? Am I? I have a few more hours to change my mind again. Did I do the right thing? Maybe I should switch back! What if I chose the wrong thing!

I decided I wanted the cleanup tool because I put on the coral pinky Butter London polish over the weekend and there's no way to put it on without looking like a 5-year-old. Impossible. I even took it off and put it back on as carefully as possible, but it's still embarrassing. Somehow you can't stop it from leaking into your cuticles, and it's so bright that any mistake like that is quite blatant.

In contrast, the purple LVX polish goes on like a champ - no smudging, no weird cuticle leaks, no streaky bad spots. LVX nail polish makes you look like an elegant professional, a competent and graceful gentlewoman whose apartment is not a disaster, a put-together grown-up who gets up in the morning without hitting the snooze button five times. I really like the LVX stuff. I try to like the Butter London stuff but just haven't been able to.

Fingernails, man. It's so complicated.

Julep boxes start shipping on the 27th. They come from Seattle so it'll only take a couple days to get here. I am very excited for this box and in preparation am growing out my fingernails with all my might.


  1. I need this tool. A 10 year old usually does my nails (aka me).

  2. I'll let you know how it works! I have big hopes for this.