Monday, February 3, 2014

January BirchBox II - My first Unboxing Video

I received my first BirchBox.  After being spoiled by the Blush Mystery Beauty Box with it's full size products, I was not as impressed with the Birchbox which everyone was raving about.  The Box itself is very nice and would make a great box to put a gift in.  The Mascara and Lip Balm samples are both .10 ounces.

A couple of comments about the video and the products.
100% Pure - Turns out this is the name brand of the Mascara company.  On the bottle it says Black Tea Ultra Lengthening.  Al the makeup gets it coloring from fruit dye and in the case of this Mascara from Tea.
Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm - Yes, it is Nipple Balm and yes you can put it on your nipples.  This would be great if you had chapped Nipples from Nursing a Wee One or in my case Eczema on my elbows.  This balm tastes very medicated and a little like Carmex lip balm.
Serge Normant Dry Conditioner - I've been wanting to try Dry Shampoo but have not heard of Dry Conditioner.  The directions say to apply the Dry Conditioner after you use the Dry Shampoo.  This seems kind of stupid to just continue to put products on your hair in the hopes that your hair looks and smells fresh.  Warning in the video I can't get the cap off so I say S$#t.
Ruby Wing Nail Polish - I'm going to feel like Diana Ross with gold nail polish on.  Seriously this is something 14 year old me would have loved but 34 year old me not so much.


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