Thursday, February 20, 2014

Julep March Mavel Reveal, and important updates

It's the 20th of the month! That means that the March Maven Reveal is open! For a few days during the Reveal you get to look at the products you'll get in your Julep Maven box, and if you don't like them you can switch to a different box. You can also add single products from other boxes, or you can add every single thing possible. All these things.

This month, the Julep Bombshell box contains: yellow fingernail polish, blue fingernail polish, and peachy lip gloss. Everything obviously has fancier names than that. But I decided to switch to the Modern Beauty box, which contains lip conditioning treatment and lip scrub (LIP SCRUB), and I added a light periwinkle nail polish and a cloudy clear nail polish. I think the cloudy clear stuff might help me ease back into the world of clear nail polish, which I currently cannot handle. Colored polishes help trick my teeth into thinking my fingernails are not fingernails. If my teeth can see the whites of my fingernails, they know that they're fingernails and cannot be stopped from biting them.

Who am I? Am I still a Bombshell? Am I a confident frill seeker with magnetic appeal? Do I still adore bold, glam colors and anything that sparkles? Modern Beauties are savvy tastemakers obsessed with the art and science of beauty. Is that me? I don't know. We'll see which box I choose next month.


A month or so ago I decided that, like a cat, I do not like to get wet. I experimented with taking waterless showers, but those experiments failed. Luckily I subscribe to the Blush Mystery Beauty Box! We've gotten dry shampoo twice, and we got that SweetSpot wipette for your sweet spot. With the Blush Mystery Beauty Box, I'll never have to get wet again! I've used the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle a few times, and it's great! It works well, even after TRX. I don't know if other dry shampoos work like this or not, but this is quite good. If you need a dry shampoo, I do recommend this. I also still really like the Klorane Leave-In Cream. And Miranda likes the Klorane hair mask that she got. This blog gives Klorane four thumbs up.

I've used up the Osmosis Skincare Harmonized H20. Guys, I do not recommend this product. Since I started using this harmonized water, my shoulder started hurting, I discovered a gray hair right in the center of my hairline, and my house developed a mysterious drip. Beware.

I've put on the Elizabeth Arden UNTOLD parfum twice and was nearly asphyxiated both times. After you put this on, the smell becomes increasingly more powdery and intense. Unless you like cloying powderiness, I recommend using only one dot of this stuff, maybe just in your elbow pits. The problem here is that I don't like most perfumes. People who like perfume might like this perfume more than I do. I'm keeping this because the bottle is so fancy and cute.

NCLA Designer Nail Wraps. Only use these nail wraps for some fancy occasion, guys, because they scare people. I put them on over the weekend to try them out. I went to a coffee shop and as I was handing the barista my money she saw my horrifying fingernails and jumped. These are okay but not for everyday use.

I am STILL using the SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer from November. Whether it enhances your eyelashes or not, I don't know, but it sure lasts a long time. Man, how much longer can this bottle last. Definitely worth either $30 or $125, if that's how much you want to spend on stuff like this.

I recently had the opportunity to use the NYX Love in Paris eye shadow and the Mirabella Mineral Highlighting Powder when I went out for an evening. I also wore mascara. Nothing happened.

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